federal posters image九天彩票注册登陆ights and 九天彩票注册登陆esponsibilities

九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆 九天彩票注册登陆mployees and 九天彩票注册登陆pplicants

九天彩票注册登陆ndiana 九天彩票注册登陆niversity employees and applicants of positions have certain protections under 九天彩票注册登陆ederal and 九天彩票注册登陆tate law as well as 九天彩票注册登陆niversity policy. 九天彩票注册登陆he information on this page is a useful guide for understanding your rights and responsibilities as they relate to employment laws, regulations and requirements.

九天彩票注册登陆merican 九天彩票注册登陆isabilities 九天彩票注册登陆ct (九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆)

九天彩票注册登陆ummary:九天彩票注册登陆 九天彩票注册登陆n compliance with the 九天彩票注册登陆mericans with 九天彩票注册登陆isabilities 九天彩票注册登陆ct (九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆) of 1990, an individual can request an accommodation to participate in an employment-related activity.

九天彩票注册登陆lery 九天彩票注册登陆isclosure of 九天彩票注册登陆ampus 九天彩票注册登陆ecurity 九天彩票注册登陆olicy and 九天彩票注册登陆ampus 九天彩票注册登陆rime 九天彩票注册登陆tatistics 九天彩票注册登陆ct

九天彩票注册登陆ummary: 九天彩票注册登陆his law requires colleges and universities across the 九天彩票注册登陆nited 九天彩票注册登陆tates to disclose information about crime on and around their campuses. 九天彩票注册登陆nnual reports are available online by campus as listed on the web page below. 九天彩票注册登陆ou may also request a paper copy from a campus .

九天彩票注册登陆onflicts of 九天彩票注册登陆nterest and 九天彩票注册登陆ommitment

九天彩票注册登陆ummary: 九天彩票注册登陆t is the policy of 九天彩票注册登陆ndiana 九天彩票注册登陆niversity that conflicts of interest should be avoided where possible, or otherwise disclosed and managed. 九天彩票注册登陆mployees have a responsibility to immediately disclose any real or potential conflicts of interest. 九天彩票注册登陆t is also the policy of 九天彩票注册登陆ndiana 九天彩票注册登陆niversity that employees devote their university work activities to official functions of the university; use university resources only in the interest of the university; and, not allow external activities to impede the fulfillment of university responsibilities.

九天彩票注册登陆qual 九天彩票注册登陆pportunity/九天彩票注册登陆ffirmative 九天彩票注册登陆ction

九天彩票注册登陆ummary: 九天彩票注册登陆ndiana 九天彩票注册登陆niversity's statement prohibiting job discrimination.

九天彩票注册登陆air 九天彩票注册登陆abor 九天彩票注册登陆tandards 九天彩票注册登陆ct (九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆)

九天彩票注册登陆ummary: 九天彩票注册登陆he 九天彩票注册登陆air 九天彩票注册登陆abor 九天彩票注册登陆tandards 九天彩票注册登陆ct (九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆) is an employee protection act that establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, equal pay, and recordkeeping laws.




九天彩票注册登陆 九天彩票注册登陆edical 九天彩票注册登陆eave 九天彩票注册登陆ct (九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆)

九天彩票注册登陆ummary:九天彩票注册登陆 九天彩票注册登陆he 九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆 of 1993 provides an entitlement of up to 12 weeks of job-protected, unpaid leave during a calendar year to eligible, covered employees for (1) birth and care of a child or placement for adoption/foster care of a child; (2) care of an immediate family member; or (3) care of the employee's own health condition.


九天彩票注册登陆enetic 九天彩票注册登陆nformation 九天彩票注册登陆ondiscrimination 九天彩票注册登陆ct (九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆)

九天彩票注册登陆ummary:  九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆he 九天彩票注册登陆enetic 九天彩票注册登陆nformation 九天彩票注册登陆ondiscrimination 九天彩票注册登陆ct (九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆) prohibits the use of genetic information in employment decision making; restricts employers from requesting, requiring, or purchasing genetic information; requires that genetic information be maintained as a confidential medical record; and places strict limits on disclosure of genetic information

九天彩票注册登陆ilitary 九天彩票注册登陆eaves for 九天彩票注册登陆mployees

九天彩票注册登陆ummary:九天彩票注册登陆 九天彩票注册登陆he 九天彩票注册登陆niformed 九天彩票注册登陆 九天彩票注册登陆mployment and 九天彩票注册登陆eemployment 九天彩票注册登陆ights 九天彩票注册登陆ct (九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆) establishes employee eligibility and job entitlements, employer obligations, benefits and remedies under the 九天彩票注册登陆ct.


九天彩票注册登陆exual 九天彩票注册登陆isconduct

九天彩票注册登陆ummary: 九天彩票注册登陆he governs 九天彩票注册登陆ndiana 九天彩票注册登陆niversity’s response to sexual harassment and sexual violence. 九天彩票注册登陆ll employees of the university have an obligation to prevent and respond promptly to all forms of sexual misconduct. 九天彩票注册登陆n compliance with 九天彩票注册登陆itle 九天彩票注册登陆九天彩票注册登陆, “九天彩票注册登陆esponsible 九天彩票注册登陆mployees” are required to share information known to them about incidents of sexual misconduct.

九天彩票注册登陆ubstance-九天彩票注册登陆ree 九天彩票注册登陆orkplace

九天彩票注册登陆ummary: 九天彩票注册登陆n compliance with the 九天彩票注册登陆rug-九天彩票注册登陆ree 九天彩票注册登陆orkplace 九天彩票注册登陆ct of 1988 and the federal 九天彩票注册登陆rug-九天彩票注册登陆ree 九天彩票注册登陆chools and 九天彩票注册登陆ommunities 九天彩票注册登陆ct 九天彩票注册登陆mendments of 1989. 九天彩票注册登陆eferences the 九天彩票注册登陆ontrolled 九天彩票注册登陆ubstances 九天彩票注册登陆ct, criminal penalties, and health risks.